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Our factory was established in 1991 at a capacity of 30 tons / hour at Ortakoy / Silivri. Constantly renewing itself, it reached 50 ton / hour capacity and reached to expander technology in 2008. Our company, always aiming to present you the most accurate, always closely follow the technological developments and presents them to your service. In addition to our Cattle R & D farm, which was active in 2002 to better understand your problems and to test the feeds we produced, Sheep R & D Farm has also been active in 2011. In order to provide better service to our customers, we have completed the construction of 100 tons / hour capacity in our new factory. Our facility has been operational in 2015 and we have reached a total capacity of 150 ton / hour. Our main goal is to offer you the most suitable, the best quality, the most profitable, the most fertile products.

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